Hi there, I had a crown placed on a my lower left back molar eight weeks ago. Every since the tooth was prepared for a crown it has been very sensitive and painful. I can eat on it without pain but the tooth hurts afterwards. I am constantly taking pain medication. The dentist has checked the bite which is fine. The pain gets worse as the day goes on and at night I am having to take a stronger painkiller to help settle the tooth. I have been to an endodontist but as the tooth does not hurt when he taps it or an xray shows the nerve as ok, he is not prepared to do root canal treatment. I am getting at my wits end with this tooth and am thinking of having it extracted. As I am missing my upper left first molar, this tooth is taking all the load, could this be the problem? What are my options?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - August - 2011, at 04:39 AM

  • Pain after getting a crown can be there when there is infection in the tooth, high point in the crown or in case of gum infection in the area where crown is present. Normally to avoid any kind of sensitivity, root canal is done first and then the capping is given. X-Ray might not be showing the damage so it’s better to get the root canal done. Pain can’t be because of bite because your dentist already checked it. The pain can also be there because of gum infection in that area.  You need to use an interdental brush in the area where crown is present. You can consult your dentist to get it assessed whether there is any gum infection or bone loss in that area or not. After assessing the bone loss, the treatment plan will be decided and you may need gum surgery for that. Don’t get the tooth extracted when you can save it. It’s always better to preserve your natural teeth than getting them extracted. For more info on complications after crowns you can read the following article.... http://www.identalhub.com/article_problems-after-crown-placement-272.aspx

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