recently my daughter went to the dentist and they said they had to put on 4 silver caps on her four top teeth. now its been about a week and it seems that her gums are swollen and still bleed when trying to be cleaned even a little. the dentist did say to wait to clean them but it seems like there is a white fluid like substance coming out of her gums and covering the silver caps. the worst part is that her gums can be lifted off of her teeth, literally, although she wont let us do that when you lift up her lip it lifts and the white substance leaks even more. we are going to the dentist tomorrow, dont know when you will get this, but do i need to take pictures, is this a normal thing or do i have to do some kind of malpractice suit on the dentist. is this really bad. sorry for the long paragraph but this is urgent. thank you

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 09 - June - 2010, at 19:46 PM

  • You have not mentioned the age and the tooth number  on which the caps are put but i assume that they are stainless steel crowns put on the baby teeth. some times after putting the caps the gums they get inflammed as these caps are not custom made but preformed and they can impinge on the gums. It takes time to adjust . mean while make her do the warm saline rinses and try to keep the area clean by gently brushing the teeth. You are going to the dentist so the dentist will do the need ful. If yu have doubts you can have second opinion but before that give some time for the caps to settle down. For more info on children dentistry you can visit the folowing link.......

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