i have bad teeth, it appears there is a cavity in every tooth {of what I have left} a couple of my teeth have broken away from the fillings, most of my teeth are loose as well. I have been debateing whether or not I should have my remaining teeth pulled and fitted for dentures or try to save my remaining teeth,{the cost is an issue as well, I do have insurance} I am almost 55 years old. i don't smile and I only eat soft foods for fear of breaking my teeth,my teeth ache frequently, too. I am very self conscious and I am petrefied of dentists,{very bad experience as a child} those I've seen have been very rough. I have been to dentists in the past but I'm really tired of hearing {from dentists} how I should have taken care of my teeth {i did my best} or insulting remarks from their assistants. i want to find a dentist who will treat me with gentleness and respect and get some advice on what to do and the cost to me.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - March - 2011, at 20:28 PM

  • As you have lot of decayed teeth and mobile teeth, you have to visit a dentist who after taking xays and clinical examination will give you treatment plan and also give you estimated cost of treatment. It is always better to save the natural teeth as many as you can and get the rest of them replaced after pulling them out. These days with the new techniques the dentistry is no lnger rough .It has become very patient friendy. If you are really scared you can opt  for conscious sedation like laughing gas. In that you will not come to know when the whole procedure is done. The dentist and his staff are also very patient friendly and you can discuss your problem with them and they will understand and will not give you unnecessary sermons. For finding dentists providing gently dentistry you can browse for these from various kinds of dental listings on our website. For more info on oral hygiene for elderly you can read this article in our website.. www.identalhub.com/article_oral-health-of-the-elderly-240.aspx

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