I have a serious question that i cant seem to find the answer to I have had a root canal one week ago and im still in pain in that tooth! After the procedure was over and the numbness subsided i still have a dull throbbing ache in that tooth and in surounding teeth as well! My dentist just gave me a imflammatory drug to take Im concerned because i bit down on that tooth a day after procedure and im afraid that i may have crsacked the filling and food had gotrten in that tooth and had infected it again! How can I know if that has happened or whats going on My dentisty doesent seem to care much he didnt even want to c me again and get a exrray of the tooth to c whats causing the pain so Im very confused! Shouldnt a exray be preformed to find the cause of the pain? Does a exray show if a filling is still in place or that the procedure was done properly and that no infection is in the tooth?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - April - 2010, at 19:11 PM

  • Pain after Root Canal Treatment is a common thing and it can be there for 7-10 days. The tooth takes time to heal and due to this your dentist is not concerned. Keep taking the prescribed medication and if the pain persists even after 3 weeks then you should visit your dentist and get the xray done. It is very unlikely that you have fractured your filling just by biting on your tooth and if the filling is fractured or come out then you will come to know because a hole will be there in tooth. Just relax and donot be over concerned. Give sometime to the tooth to heal. For more info on problems after root canal treatment, you can read this article from our website.... www.identalhub.com/article_complications-and-care-after-root-canal-therapy-106.aspx 

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