hello I have sent u a email previously before and u have helped me alot so i appreciate it greatly im really hoping u can help me with this problem and concern as well Im very anxious and overwhelmed with frustration right now and i feel like im being taken advatage of! heres the situation I was refeerred to a SPECIALIST dentis n doing root canals by my regular dentist OK because he was not 4 sure if I needed a root canal or not OK So I drive way out of TOWN to c this so called SPECIALIST n root canals! He right of the bat says YES Most definetly U need a root canal I asked him R U 4 SURE? He says YES no doubt it will make the pain stop and go away while i was reluctant to get the procedure done I thought well hes a specialist so he should know right?? Now mind u this is the 2nd time I had a root canal in the same tooth from 13 yrs ago and he was awre of this OK WEll a few weeks after I was still n pain n the tooth that had the procedure so I call the dentist basn and tell him about the sensitivety and pain n tooth BUT instead of making another appointment to make sure everything was ok HE prescribes me a anti imflammatory drug to be picked up a the drug store WITHOUT even seeing me OK well after taking the week of inflammatory drug I still have sensitivety to the tooth especially when I touch it it feels extremly sore after touching th etouch the pain radiates to my ear and aound like my upper jaw bone follwed by sever headaches even after the drug which he clearly staed shouyld clear the sorenesss etc up RIGHT? Well NO didnt do that So just figured the hec with this dentist ill just go back to my regular dentius who actually referred me to the so called SPECIALIST and he says it seems like i have a infection n that tooth and it will probabaly have to be PULLED!!!! Im thinking r u serious?? So my question is this or concern or advice or whatever it is Am i still responsible for habving to pay the costs of the root canal BECAUSE THe dentis never told me that a 2nd root canal is not as successful as a first one i didnt even know that till u told me than n last email he ver disclose that 2 me nor did i have to sign a release form before procedure i think maybe i signed something before my first vist bu that was before the procedure I just feel so mislead and taken adavantage of! And if he does say I havr to have that tooth pulled after the procedure of rootcanal thatcost 1000..00 ill have 2 pay for the extraction of the tooth as well! This is so unfair??? Don t u think? I dont work and I had to put my rootcanl procudere costs put on a credit card that ill be apaying for 1 yr! on top of a extracted tooth that I no longer have! So all the pain discomfort travel worryand costs was all for NOTHING! Have u ever had a case like this?? Do u think thats right to make me responsible for the costs of a procedure that obsviously didnt work I know some root canal fail YES BUT he didnt inform me that it might fail nor did he tell me a 2nd canl is less effective a s first canal nor did he take the time to c me aftercalling complaining of pain (maybe he could have took a exray to c what the ptoblems was and have a proper treatment BUT NO only called me n a prescription its like he was just in it for the money not for the care and well being of the patient I just feel so ripped off! It will be awhile yet before I can see the so called SPECIALIST again to get a final diagnosis on whats to be done next with this tooth? Will a exray show for sure what is causeing the tenderebess and senstivety to tooth this time or am I going to have to take her at her word and say what needs to be done?? Whats the next step in getting the final diagnosis I just want to know to make sure im not taking advantage of again JUST AN EXRAY?? I must insisit on a exray right?? Can i sue over something like this?? I just think this is so unfair and unbelievable and very unprofessional! I think that I will have to pay on something for years on a tooth that is LOST! HELP???? hope to hear from u soon!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - May - 2010, at 20:01 PM

  • If you to go to specialist again after taking the xray and clinical examination, he will be definately able to tell you what is the problem with your re-root canal treated tooth and accordingly tell you the treatment. If the specialist thinks that he can remove the infection then he will do it otherwise you have to get the tooth extracted. The re-root canal treated tooth can be saved with another surgical option Apicocetomy, but for this few things have to be taken into consideration ie how much bone loss is there and how much roots are affected by infection. This decision can be taken only after seeing xray and clinical examination. Again the success rate of Apicocetomy is not very high. If you get the tooth pulled out, no doubt you will get rid of problematic tooth but for proper chewing, you have to go for replacement of tooth either by implant or fixed bridge which are again quite an expensive treatment. So in my opinion, go to specialist and discuss the options and then take the decision as he has done re-root canal, he will try to give you options to save the tooth. If you want to know more on Apicocetomy, then you can browse the following link in our website.. www.identalhub.com/article_what-is-apicectomy-92.aspx

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