Hello Sir, I have around 10 teeth having problems of decay, out of this 10 teeth I have done root canal for 4 and rest my doctor have filled with silver(I don't know the technical word in doctor language). I want know whether can I have a white teeth Cap for teeth filled with silver and will it be as strong as silver teeth(Black cap) it looks odd that black teeth. I heared that Root canal cuases the problems of cancer, Is it true?. Please let me know.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - December - 2011, at 01:29 AM

  • Silver fillings are called as amalgam fillings. If you don’t like your silver fillings, then you can get them replaced with composite filling material which is tooth colored, esthetic filling material. Your dentist can remove the silver fillings and can replace them with composite filling material. Composite fillings are strong, durable and can be repaired if damaged unlike silver amalgam fillings. If cavities are very large in size, then dental crown can be given on fillings. Dental crown on tooth with large dental filling will provide strength to the tooth and will reinforce the weakened tooth structure. If silver fillings are on front teeth, then you can get porcelain dental crowns which are esthetic. If silver fillings are on back teeth, then you can get porcelain fused to metal (PFM) dental crowns which are also tooth colored but not as esthetic as porcelain crowns. Dental crown will provide strength to the tooth and will make the tooth stronger. When infection reaches the nerve portion of tooth, then root canal treatment is done. Root canal treatment doesn’t cause any problem and doesn’t lead to cancer. You can visit your dentist to get the silver fillings replaced or to get dental crowns on teeth with large cavities. For more info on dental crown on tooth with large cavity, refer to…   http://www.identalhub.com/dental-dental-crown-for-tooth-with-large-cavity-902.aspx

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