Hi, My treatment of braces is just over and now my orthodontist has told me to wear braces. He told me that I have to wear retainers for one year. I just want to ask how long I have to wear braces and if I donot wear them, then what can happen. Plz answer quickly and I will appreciate it.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - July - 2010, at 05:33 AM

  • Many a time’s patients spend hundreds of dollars on getting their teeth straightened. After months of wearing the braces the next orthodontist appointment includes the removable of the braces and the handing over of the retainers. The orthodontist lets the patient know that they need to wear the retainers constantly, day and night until they come back for the next appointment. Do you know how long you will have to continue to wear the retainers? Most orthodontist don’t convey to their patients in clear terms that it is an absolute necessary for them to wear the retainers. Without the retainers their teeth are more than likely to shift back into the original position that they were in and the entire time, effort and money spent on the treatment will get nullified.

    When a patient has just had their braces removed they really go ahead and heave a sigh of relief. The last thing on their mind is to wear the retainers. They want to go ahead and showcase their new smile to all the people around them. The sad thing here is that without the retainers they might have their teeth back to square one. it is an extremely common occurrence and orthodontists don’t lay enough stress and emphasize on this aspect of the treatment. If the orthodontist were to emphasize on the wearing of the retainer come what may, many patients would not go on to neglect this extremely important aspect of their treatment. They certainly don’t want to risk them losing their pearly white smile and their teeth moving back to the way they originally appeared.
    When the orthodontist explains the entire teeth straightening treatment to their patients, many times the issue of retainers is hardly mentioned in detail. Although, this is an extremely crucial part of the braces and teeth straightening treatment! The first several months after you have removed your braces it is all the more likely that your teeth might move into the same position. This is the time that you should have your retainers on round the clock. Most dentists might recommend them to be worn only at night. The more traditional dentists will stress on the patient wearing the retainers day and night for the first six months at least after the braces have been removed.
    When you wear your retainers at night you give your teeth undisturbed several hours of wearing them. You can actually continue to wear your retainers at night for up to three years after you have removed your braces. All that you need to do is to put them on before you go to bed.

    This will save you the effort of having to go through the entire braces treatment once again. There are several people who did not wear their retainers diligently and had to have their braces treatment redone. Wearing retainers is an easy task so keep them on.

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