I am 47 and over the last year one of my molars (top left) has started to move. In the last few weeks it seems to have speeded up this movement and now it is touching my lower gum. It is also moving at an angle towards my cheek. Would love to know why and is this normal at anyones age. Thanks Martin

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 21 - March - 2011, at 19:42 PM

  • The tooth becomes mobil only if it is decayed or there is gum problem. As you write that the upper molar has started touching the lower gums, so it looks as if the lower molar is missing otherwise even if thetooth is mobile, it cannot touch the lower gums because lower molar is present and it won't allow it to supra erupt. If lower tooth is missing only then the upper tooth will supra erupt and will touch the lower gums and this can be the major cause of its mobility also. If the mobility is 3 or 4 degree then it is difficult to save the tooth otherwise you can visit the dentist and get the treatment. If it is touching the lower gum then roots must be exposed and in that case you just have to get it pulled out by dentist. For more info on dental conditions and treatments you can browse the site for more info

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