My tooth is broken into several little pieces. In some occasions I see and feel blood around the tooth. All of the dentist office around my area are closed. What can I buy over the counter that can help me at least alleviate the pain. Please contact me ASAP.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - August - 2011, at 00:28 AM

  • Tooth broken into pieces can be because of tooth decay or because of fracture or infection in the tooth. If there is loss of much of tooth structure, then you can get post and core for it after the root canal procedure and if there is less of tooth structure loss, then crown is given after the root canal procedure. For the time being, you can do warm saline rinses to reduce the gum swelling in the area of broken tooth. You can put clove over that area which will provide relief. Or you can take cotton swab and put turmeric powder on it and put it in the cavity for temporary relief. Turmeric powder is considered to be a good antibiotic and will provide temporary relief.  Maintain a good oral hygiene and avoid eating from that side of the mouth. You can take antibiotic and painkiller after consulting the dentist. Visit your dentist asap for the treatment of the broken tooth. For more info on natural remedies for dental problems, you can refer to the following article…

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