My mouth's bottom part is far away then top part. this distance is become increase day by day. so now my speach is sometimes not hear clear. What is the solution?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 18 - September - 2011, at 04:11 AM

  • You have open bite in which the upper and lower teeth donot meet and it can cause few habits also like tongue thrushing and mouth breathing. Sometimes due to these habits a open bite is there. When habit of tonugue thrushing is there then speech is not clear. For this you have to go for braces treatment in which an Orthodontist will put brackets and wires and try to close the gap. You should start with this treatment asap as the open bite if increases become difficult to close. So schedule and appointment with an Orhtodontist immediately. For more info on open bite you can read this article...

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