Around this time of year, for the past 4ish years, my right upper molars throb and ache constantly. No amount of pain killer helps. The only relief i seem to get is by sucking ice cubes/ swishing ice water in my mouth. I brush/floss regularly and use listernine. Im 20

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - May - 2011, at 10:22 AM

  • If the pain is in a particular season then it may be because of the sinus problems as roots of molars are very near to sinus so if you have sinusitis then sometimes there is throbing pain in the upper gums also. If there is any infection or decay in the tooth then it should pain irrespective of the season. So the most probable cause is the sinusitis. It is difficult to say much on this without clinical examination. So you should visit your dentist and discuss this option with him. For more info on dental pain you can read this article..

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