I’ve heard about Hyperdontia, but should I have this many; between my lower first bicuspids and my second lower bicuspids, between my second lower bicuspids and first molars, (all four are normal sized teeth), and tiny little barely there teeth behind my upper laterals. Also, is there a reason why the extra teeth on the bottom are normal sized and the ones on top are small enough that if I couldn’t feel them with my tongue I would not know they were there?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - March - 2010, at 20:39 PM

  • Hyperdontia means extra teeth. It can be of any size and and any number. In your question you have mentioned that how many you have in upper arch and how many you have in lower arch. Without seeing the xray and clinical examination, it is difficult to comment. The barley type teeth you have mentioned in relation to upper lateral incisors, can be Talon's cusp also which is very common developmental anomly. After clinical examination and seeing the xray, more can be said.

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