I've a local dentist and went to the U.W. dental school to be canidate for dental needs. I can no longer chew properly (Only use two upper teeth and a failing brige to chew on). Both dentist and the University want 40 K for my needed work. Can not afford it. Retired on disability, but I recieve more than low income help. I can afford appox. 4 1/2 K. for extractions (20, 5 are crowns). I have no bite and chewing is not automatic. What should I do?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 11 - September - 2011, at 23:47 PM

  • You need to get your dental treatment done if you want to chew properly and have correct bite. Dentist will extract those teeth which are non-restorable and can’t be saved. It is always better to save a tooth than getting it pulled out. After getting the non-restorable teeth pulled out, you can go for removable partial dentures or flippers. Though dental implants and bridges are better options for replacement of missing teeth, But if you don’t have much money, you can opt for removable partial dentures. Removable partial dentures are of 2 types- cast metal partial dentures and acrylic partial dentures. Cast partial dentures are better as compared to acrylic partial dentures. They are less bulky, stronger and have a better fit as compared to acrylic partial dentures.  Acrylic partial dentures are cheaper. Acrylic dentures get retention from the adjacent teeth with clasps. You can browse on net to know about the dentists which offer treatment at low cost.  Without clinical examination, it is difficult to suggest a definite treatment plan. For more info on affordable dental work, you can refer to the following article… http://www.identalhub.com/article_affordable-dental-work--473.aspx

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