My son is 15 years old. I have sought the opinion of 1 dentist and 4 orthodontist. All 4 have different opinions. His bottom and top teeth align correctly, however they are in an "S" shape rather than the normal "U" shape. He also has some crowding on the bottom. At his age, how much more likely will his teeth continue to change and what are the chances that his teeth continue to turn inward?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - July - 2011, at 10:51 AM

  • If you really want to get the braces treatment done for your son then this is the right age. As the child matures the duration of treatment increses and chances of relapse are more. If the braces treatment is needed and you are not happy with present alignment of teeth then go for braces treatment now. In boys the growth spurts are till the age of 16-17 years, so may be there is more change. Without clinical exam and xrays and study cast analysis it is really diffcult to give the definate treatment plan. Follow the Orthodontist with who you feel comfortable as in Orthodontics there many ways to tackle one problem but ultimate goal is same ie to get properly aligned teeth. So have faith in one Orthodontist and go ahead with treatment. It is a long treatment spanning over 18-24 months. For more info on braces you can read this article...

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