shes 21 months old and she fell off of a chair and hit her mouth on a baby of her front teeth pushed all the way into her gum all i can see is about an 1/8 of the tip of her tooth she is not in anymore pain but i am worried about what to do and the pediatrician said to take her into a dentist in the morning. for piece of mind can you tell me anything about this or what kind of questions to ask the dentist tomarrow. thank you

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - March - 2011, at 20:09 PM

  • This going inside of tooth is called intrusion of the tooth and it is most commonly occuring problem in children after fall. Donot worry much about this as the tooth re-erupts. In this no treatment is given and only wait and watch is done. The only thing the dentist has to see is that how close the intruded tooth is to the permanent tooth bud in gums. But as you child is only 21 months, it must not be very near to tooth bud. Still in the morning you can take the child to dentist preferably to Pedodontist (Child dental specialist) and you can ask about diet part and what precautions have to taken and in case there is any other laseration, dentist will take care of that. For more info on dental emergencies in children you can read this article...

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