Well,I had to undergo brace(removable) on yesteryear this month..matter of fact , i didnt maintained regularity(i would remove and carry it in my pockets quite often despite my doctor always insisted on putting the braces in a small container with water)..so after 3-4 days i noticed something...a bulging(towards inwards) on the backside of each front teeth..(slightly the curve of a concave mirror).... after 3 months doctor said to remove and i did. SO for the bulging i consulted another doctor, he recommended me to wear fixed metallic brace..and till now i find some improvement(bulging becomes slightly straight) though not fully correct..for 1st month he prescribed a white elastic along with..and next month removes..and goes on...for somedays i noticed hardly any bulging..another day, not the same as prevoius day..SO WHAT I MEAN IS I FEELS CORRECTION(not fully) AS TEMPORARY. PLZZ SUGGEST ME NAME OF THIS DEFECT AND WAYS TO CORRECT PERMANENTLY .. COULD IT BE HEALED NATURALLY(by regularly supplementing vit c, calcium and completely removing braces) (why not?? coz we have great healing power in our body(immunity) ) i feels it important coz it effects my speech

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - April - 2011, at 19:56 PM

  • It is nothig but the gums on the inner side of the  front teeth get iflammed. It can be because of poor oral hygeine or because of the trauma. In your case it looks like as it was because of the traumas. you were not regularly wearing the ortho plate and also keeping it in the pocket can distort it. When you were wearing this distorted ortho plate it may be impinging on your gums and hence the inflammation of the gums . Now as you are wearing the fixed braces it will go but you have to maintain very good oral hygeine. For more info on .... www.identalhub.com/article_caring-for-teeth-with-braces-158.aspx

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