Respected doctor, My husband had a swelling on his left cheek starting from July 5th, it started with a fever. He took some medicines but still it was increasing. The swelling was there on the entire left side of his face and even the neck and around the ear. He was not able to open his mouth also (He was just struggling to put the tablets into the mouth) He took antibiotics and even homeopathic medicines to break the swelling by its own. But still it was of no use and got centred on the cheek and it was as big and in the shape of a half-cut coconut shell. And the pain also was terrible. We went to an ENT surgeon and he said it might be due to hair follicle infection and he did a surgery (hole) on the cheek (in the middle of ear and mouth) and removed the pus. After three four days the saliva started discharging through the hole, especially when eating or drinking something it is flowing, made by the surgeon. And the doctor said the salivary gland got damaged because the pus was there all around the gland and thats why the saliva is leaking through the hole instead of passing to the mouth. He also said it will be quite ok after 6 weeks (the surgery was on July 22nd 2011). In between my husband informed him about his two decayed teeth (7 & 8 nos), there was no pain on his teeth or gums, still he told to remove the same because the teeth roots must have infected completely and that also might cause infection. We went to a dentist and removed the teeth (one of them was partially inside the gum) and put two stitches. They also made a hole from the opening on the cheek made by the ENT surgeon to the mouth and were applying medicines and all. They also said that the salivary gland is cut and it has to get operated soon to join it and then only the saliva discharge will stop. Still he can open his mouth a little bit. Please direct me what should I do exactly. The ENT surgeon and the dentists are saying different things and we are finding it difficult to make a decision. I request you to please help me in this regard. And also tell me what could be the exact reason behind this. Thank you, Preethi Ramesh

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 09 - August - 2011, at 09:46 AM

  • Pain and swelling on the left side of the cheek can be due to infected teeth or it can be because of infection in the salivary gland. Now the surgery is done and hole is there, from which saliva is drooling. so in my opinion it is better you go for repairing of salivary gland. This will be quick and drooling will stop because if hole is there and you keep on waiting for 6 weeks and chances of secondary infection are there which will complicate the matter. Though it is difficult to give you definite advice with clinical examination and detailed history. If you are not able to make up your mind then you should first visit an Oral Surgeon who specialises in oral surgeries.

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