My 7 year old granddaughet is tounge tied and have also been to an orthodontist for palate expansion. Since her retainer (^months now) the gums on her lower teehth have been pulled away from the mandibular labia, since she is also tounge tied (no speech deficit) the periodontist want to do a frenectomy on both areas in the office with only local/ topical aneastic.They want to do a scaple procdure vs the laser. Any thought about which would be easier for a seven year old little girl to recover from and undergo? Thanks

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - April - 2011, at 19:39 PM

  • If the lower labial gums are receding and along with that the child has tongue tie then you have to go for frenectomy. Now whether to go for scalpal or laser depends on the tissue attachement and the cooperation of the patient also. In case of laser the bleedng is less and is less painful as compared to scalpal frenectomy but your dentist after evaluating the case will advise you whether to go for scalpal or laser. Both are equally good. but laser is the advanced and costly treatment. For more info on frenectomy you can visit  the following

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