Hi I recently deceided to get cosmetic dentistry to get the perfect smile. what I received is a dental nightmare. I went to a Dental Surgeon to get the work done. In South Africa every dentist is a cosmetic dentist and the jobs they do are very dissatisfactory. I wanted dental implants for the 3 missing teeth , dentist suggested 3 bridges. I had a slight misalignment of teeth , so the dentist wanted to move my jaw to get the teeth more centred. i was very nervous about this but thought he was the professional. the result is now my teeth is out of position> when I speak my teeth clash against one another, they hit one another so speech is difficult. all 3 bridges, the teeth are hypersensitive to cold. I cannot have salad, even if in a sandwich. I am unable to chew food properly. these are but 2 of my concerns. The dentist had trouble mixing the dental cement with every visit. He would complain the the mixture was too watery but would use it anyway. I am concerned as he put crowns on 6 front teeth. I had had crowns on 2 front teeth< i thought he would put veneers on the other four, but he took down the teeth to put crowns. due to an almost slight cracking I get , I am concerned that the dental cement was not strong enough and there are fissures that nutrients can get to the tooth structure and cause decay. Please assist> i paid a lot of money to get this work done and am now terrified as this has severely disrupted my life. Thx Razia

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - August - 2011, at 19:08 PM

  • If your teeth are sensitive after getting crowns and bridges that means either the crowns are not cemented properly and there is gap between the crown and tooth which is causing sentivity or the teeth which are given support to bridges and are crowned are infected. Regarding the clicking of the teeth while eating, for this you have to get the occlusal adjustment done from the dentist. Whether the dental cement was mixed properly or not cannot be commented upon but if it was too watery that means it does not have sufficient strength. In such cases crowns can come out as the cement which is used as adhesive is not very strong. The solubility of cement also increases if the cement is not mixed properly and this can cause the gaps between tooth and crown. So schedule an appointment with your dentist and discuss these issues with him and if you are not satisfied then you can take second opinion. For more info on cosmetic dentistry procedures you can read these articles.... http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-cosmetic-dentistry-85.aspx

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