I had a root canal and crown on a tooth at a cost @ a thousand dollars, I had to have the tooth removed in about two years. I have since had another root canal and crown, now this tooth needs to be pulled. Is this unusual, or should I find a new Dentist.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - January - 2012, at 01:28 AM

  • When infection reaches the pulp portion of the tooth or in cases, when pulp is exposed, root canal treatment is done to save the tooth. In case of root canal treatment, infectious necrotic portion of tooth is removed and is replaced with filling material. After root canal treatment, tooth becomes brittle so dental crown is required to provide strength to the tooth and to hide any discoloration which may occur after root canal treatment. Root canal treatment has high success rate if it is done properly. Case selection is also very important for success of root canal treatment. In your case, either case selection is not done or root canal treatment is not done properly which has lead to failure.  Root canal failure can occur in case of unexpected number of root canals, curved or branched out root canal which is difficult to detect or can occur because of resistant bacteria in root canal. Defective or incomplete restoration and cracked root after RCT also leads to root canal treatment failure. It is always better to get root canal procedure done from an endodontist who is specialist in root canal procedure. Fees charged by an endodontist is more but chances of root canal failure will be less if the procedure is done by specialist. In case of root canal failure, re-root canal treatment or surgical endodontic therapy (Apicoectomy) can be done to save the tooth. If prognosis of root canal treated tooth is poor, then tooth extraction is done. If extraction of root canal treated tooth is done, then missing tooth can be replaced with dental implants or dental bridge. Dental implants are best option for missing teeth replacement. It would be a better option to visit an endodontist for evaluation. For more info on root canal failure, visit……    http://www.identalhub.com/article_what-if-root-canal-treatment-fails-303.aspx

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