im 34 and have never had a cavity-because of insurance reasons i have had to switch dentists-at my last appointment my dentist stated that i had a small cavity on my back molar-i was a little taken back-the dentist stated that he would keep an eye on it and and might need to be filled on my next appointment in 6 months-i took his statement at face value at the time-since then i have had time to think about the situation-and now i am confused as to why he is waiting so long to fill the cavity-it is only going to get worse-why would he wait so long-i wish i would have asked him at the time-but like i said i was taken back by the news-my quesiton is have you ever heard of this scenario 'waiting 6 months to fill a cavity'-i have since used a mirror to confirm that there is a small hole in my molar-i am concerned that more damage could occur if this cavity isnt dealt with promptly-do i have a reason to be concerned-thank you for your time-and i apprecaite any advice you can give me

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - April - 2011, at 07:42 AM

  • some times when there is initial lesion which is just superficial and is called incipient lesion the dentist likes to wait as this lesion can reimineralize and then there is no need to fill the cavity. In your case it may be the reason why your dentist wants to wait. If you have doubts you can have second opinion as it is difficult to comment with out seeing the case clinically. For more info on carious lesion you can visit the following

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