My teeths are strong, but discolor very bad, I'm looking to fix it but its too expensive for veeners, which is my only hope. I take really good care of my teeths but it looks really bad.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - February - 2012, at 00:40 AM

  • Teeth can be discolored because of intrinsic or extrinsic factors. Extrinsic factors which lead to discoloration of teeth are poor oral hygiene or certain food stuffs or oral habits like tobacco chewing and smoking. Intrinsic factors which can lead to discoloration of teeth are heredity, some systemic factors or can occur because of some medicaments. If there are extrinsic stains present, then apart from brushing and flossing, you can go for professional teeth whitening. Professional tooth whitening is the fastest and safest way to make teeth white. In this, bleaching gel is used. Home bleaching method can also be used to make teeth white.   Apart from that, you can also use crest whitening strips or can try home remedies like baking soda, peroxide, strawberries paste, lemon peels, and orange peels to remove stains and for making teeth bit whiter. If there are intrinsic stains present, then you can opt for lunineers, veneers or crowns for it. Without clinical examination, we can’t say whether there are extrinsic or intrinsic stains present on the teeth. You need to refer to your dentist for this and get necessary treatment done.  For more info on popular teeth whitening options, you can refer to the following article….

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