how to check clinically that amalgam filling is not over hanged ang not over filled or under filled in all aspects

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - January - 2012, at 03:01 AM

  • For filling cavities, dental amalgam is a safe and an effective method. It is strong, long lasting and is more cost effective as compared to composite fillings. After placing the filling on tooth, filling is carved and bite is adjusted. In case of restoration of proximal surfaces of teeth, the margins of the tooth may be overhanging. Overhanging restorations project beyond the margins of tooth preparation. It provides harbor for bacteria and can further lead to various gum infections. To avoid overhanging restoration margins, matrix band is properly adapted and wedge is placed so that matrix is tightly adapted to the tooth structure for restoration of proximal tooth surface. Bite is checked after dental filling with an articulating paper. With colored paper, high points will appear on the filled tooth. Dentist can do selective grinding of high points and then the bite is rechecked. High dental filling can lead to pain on biting down, tooth ache and sensitivity and can further lead to TMJ problems, pain in the muscles and headache. Overfilling, under filling and overhanging restorations can lead to problems after dental filling.  For more info on high dental filling, refer to……

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