Last summer I had a root canal done on tooth #14 by a regular dentist. This year I found out it had abscessed on all three roots. Also, a crown had never been placed on it. Did this cause the abscess? What are the reasons a crown would not be used after a root canal? The upper molar already had a big filling in it. Is it possible the dentist simply "patched" the old amalgam filling? I know it was not replaced and there was no temporary filling put in. Does this really work or do I have a case of dental negligence? This has cost me 8 appts and over $2,000 to fix. And, the endontist who did the retreatment says the tooth will only last 5-10 years because of the previous trauma to the tooth. Please advise if i have any recourse. I also now want to clench my teeth all the time and bite on the root canal which i never had a problem with before the retreatment. Thanks, Ruth

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - September - 2011, at 23:54 PM

  • There should be no tooth abscess in the root canal treated tooth.  Even if the crown is not given on the root canal treated tooth, then also there should be no tooth abscess if the root canal treatment is done properly. Crown is given after the root canal therapy because the tooth becomes brittle after the procedure and is likely to fracture so crown is given. The abscess in root canal treated tooth can be because of infection still left in the tooth or can be there if the treatment is not done properly. Without clinical examination and without seeing the x-rays, it is difficult to comment that whether it is a case of negligence or not. There might be a loss of large amount of tooth structure due to the earlier procedure. May be, that’s why your endodontic told you that the tooth will not last for that long. It is important that you get capping after the root canal procedure and if there is much of loss of tooth structure, then you can go for post and core which will provide strength to the tooth. For more info on procedure for post and core, you can refer to the following article...

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