My Teeth Pains When I Wake Up, I Feel Them Loose Everytime When I Touch Them With My Finger May Be Its Because They Are Not Aligned Properly, What Should I Do?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - December - 2011, at 02:23 AM

  • You might be in the habit of clenching or grinding of teeth which can lead to soreness of teeth. It is an oral para-functional activity and mostly occurs during sleep. Main causes of teeth grinding are stress, anxiety or can occur because of teeth malocclusion that is there is no proper contact between upper and lower teeth. Teeth grinding can cause pain in the jaw, sensitivity of teeth, headache and can also lead to facial pain and tense facial and jaw muscles. For treatment of teeth grinding, mouth guard is given to the patient. Mouth guard will prevent jaw damage and will relax the jaw muscle. If your teeth are misaligned, then you have to get them straightened. You can get dental braces treatment for alignment of teeth. You can opt for metallic, ceramic or lingual dental braces for teeth alignment. If you don’t want to have metallic teeth, then you can get invisaligns which are clear, removable aligners. If misalignment is small, then you can opt for cosmetic procedures such as dental lumineers, veneers or dental crowns to align the teeth. Cosmetic procedures are faster as compared to braces treatment. You can visit a dentist for evaluation of your teeth. For more info on teeth grinding, refer to…

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