For the past 7 months, I have had a self-diagnosed BMS. Several local specialists have gone along with this diagnosis, as almost no tests are available. Meds have been ineffective. My BMS has the classic symptoms, burning tongue and palate; however, both top and bottom incisors also burn and ache. I would appreciate any information that you can supply. Thanks.

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  • WCA

    WCA 03 - September - 2011, at 13:39 PM

  • Aged ... thanks. Mine started at about age 51. Scott, I also have involvement of some teeth -- 4, sometimes 6, both top and bottom. Sometimes my tongue has it, too; sometimes it is much less than the area of my teeth. My dentist sees nothing amiss; once my PCP was able to tell me that this was not the leading edge of something serious, I realized I could cope with the pain. I take Aleve a few nights a week to get to sleep. I distract myself with work and things that keep my mind busy. A periodontist I consulted, once my dental hygienist had given me a name for this, advised me to use no other mouthwash than Crest Pro-Health, which was about to come on the market then, and must have been heavily marketed to the trade. A couple of years ago, I started using hydrogen peroxide, cut with an equal amount of water, as rinse; it neither helped nor hurt my BMS, but my teeth and gums look better to me. The periodontist put me on a prescription "elixir" for a while, but I saw no change. I've wondered at times whether iced tea, which I drink a lot of, is involved; I cut it out for a few weeks and saw no improvement. (I've also shifted types of artificial sweeteners to see if I could detect any change. None.) There was a time when I drank Diet Coke, perhaps 2 cans a day. Some years ago, I completely lost my taste for it -- find the smell of cola unpleasant now -- and I've wondered whether aspartame played a role. (I think this aversion started shortly after the BMS, but don't recall for sure now.) Briefly, not too long before the BMS started, I used some of the OTC teeth whitening kits, following directions, and wonder whether they might have played into this. I ask every doctor I see about BMS. My thyroid was removed a few years ago, and my followup visits with the surgeon are now annual. On my visit last year, after many blank looks re:BMS, he immediately recommended B6 and B12, which I added to my regimen, but I've seen no change. It hurts nearly all the time, but if this is the worst thing that happens to me medically, I will consider myself very fortunate!

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - September - 2011, at 23:57 PM

  • Burning mouth syndrome is a painful condition which causes sensation in tongue, lips, palate or throughout the mouth and occurs commonly in aged females. Exact cause of the burning mouth syndrome is not known. It can be because of nerve damage, hormonal changes, acid reflux, oral thrush, nutritional deficiency, dry mouth or some kind of allergies.  There is severe burning in the mouth in this which begins in the late morning and subsides at night and it persists for months to years.  Numbness of mouth, metallic taste and sore mouth with anxiety and depression may occur in this condition.  For the treatment, you can take nutritional supplements; take medicaments for dry mouth or thrush if it is because of that. You can talk with your dentist to know about the steps which can reduce the pain associated with the syndrome. For more info on burning mouth syndrome, you can refer to the following article…

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