my wife filling fell out. started hurting real bad. went to hospital 2 night ago. gave her shots in mouth. and one in butt. sent home. the next night was extremely painful again. took back to hospital. gave her shot for pain. and prescription for anitbiotics. sent home 2 hours later. whole side of face is swelling and keeps swelling. what to do about swelling. can we put ice on cheek. what to do.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - November - 2011, at 01:38 AM

  • Swelling and pain after filling fell off can be because of infection in relation to tooth. There may be deep dental caries or abscess in relation to tooth. Your wife has to get dental treatment for it. To treat the infection in tooth, root canal treatment will be required. In root canal treatment, infectious portion of the tooth is removed and is replaced with filling material. Initially antibiotics and pain meds are given for 3-5 days and then in second visit, root canal procedure is performed. As of now, your wife can take antibiotics and pain meds. Antibiotics will reduce infection in tooth and will be effective on third day. To control swelling, cold application can be done. Cold fermentation will reduce the swelling. Swelling will regress in 2-3 days. She can avoid eating from side of affected tooth and any kind of food accumulates in the cavity should be avoided. For more info on root canal therapy, refer to…

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