I woke up the other day with my jaw hurting on the inside of my mouth so i go look in the mirror and see a thing the look like a zit pretty much sticking atleast a quarter inch long out from the corner of my jaw and it has a small white spot at the very tip and where i chew skoal im so scared that it can be cancer i have had it for 5 days now and it still looks that same hasn't gotten smaller or bigger my parents think i just may have bit it in my sleep or that its a canker sore but i have never had one for this long and it just don't look like any canker sore that i have had before can anyone please tell me some info

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 09 - June - 2011, at 18:41 PM

  • Cancer can not happen in a day. It can be some ulcer or it can be a cheek bite. It is difficult to comment and give treatment without clinical examination. But if is a canker sore then it is self limiting and goes within 7-10 days but if it is cheek bite then it also heals itself but sometimes due to repeated trauma, secondary infection takes place and in that case you have to be careful so that cheek bite does not occur repeatedly and maintain very good oral hygiene. You can do warm saline rinses also for 2-3 times a day. From your description it is mostly likely a cheek bite. For more info on oral hygiene you can read this article.. www.identalhub.com/dental-importance-of-oral-care-and-oral-hygiene-devices-815.aspx

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