im nearly 18 and suffered from an eating disorder called anorexia nervosa, when i got nervous or stressed i would get sick. and i looked up and seen that it can have a big impact on your teeth. i didnt believe it at first until i noticed a brown mark inbetween my front teeth, i thought it may have been food to begin with. i went to a dentist and he said it was just a small cavity and it will do no harm, as times gone along its gotten worse. my teeth were the only thing i ever liked about myself, all sparkling white and well looked after, i loved to smile to show them off but now i cant, i hate smiling, put my head down when talking to people, i wont smile in pictures and i hate it. i really hate it.i dont want to get it pulled as of course it would be noticed, but i need something done and its far past the stage of a filling so i was thinking maybe an implant. can you give me advice on what i could do please and prefferably the cheapest way to go around it. thanks ever so much, shauna.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - January - 2012, at 01:10 AM

  • Eating disorder, anorexia nervosa can induce vomiting and can affect the teeth. If decay has occurred, then tooth can be restored. Treatment of dental caries depends on extent of decay which is present. If filling can’t be done for the tooth, then tooth can be restored with veneers. If decay is extensive and pulp portion of tooth is also involved, then root canal treatment can be done for the tooth. After root canal treatment, dental crown can be given. If tooth is badly mutilated, then root canal treatment followed by post and core procedure can be given for the tooth. If tooth is unrestorable and there is no other alternative, then tooth extraction can be done and missing tooth can be replaced with dental implants or dental bridge. You can visit your dentist for evaluation. If you have cost constrains, then you can visit a dental school for treatment where cost of dental treatment is less. You can also talk to your local dentist if you can pay in installments for treatment.  After clinical examination and after taking x-rays, your dentist can tell you that what can be done for decayed tooth. Cavities if not restored will progress further. For more info on treatment of cavities in teeth, refer to…..

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