I was already missing the 2nd to last(not including wisdom teeth)molars on the top on both sides, and the front right middle tooth had a cracked root and a bad cap from 30 years ago. So I decided to get an immediate partial. I had an impression taken and 2 weeks later I had the last molar on top and each side pulled as well as the top front tooth as well, and they immediately put in the partial (it has 2 teeth in the back on each side and 1 front tooth). After the first week or so, I thought something was wrong. the partial didn't fit, it rocked front to back and a little side to side, and there was a bunch of space between the roof of my mouth and the partial. Over the next 7 weeks the dentist kept saying that all this is expected and eventually I would need a permanent reline. I had various adjustments and a temporary liner, but still didn't fit. It has now been 8 weeks and my dentist said that I was pretty much all healed and that it was time to do the permanent reline. So I had that done, got them back yesterday, and they still rock front to back and just a bit side to side, the front hangs down so the tooth doesn't align with the others. If it is pushed up in the front so it aligns, there is still space between the metal and the roof of my mouth. It is also rubbing on my gums and the left side sometimes hits my jaw muscle way in the back. I know that the rubbing and hopefully the hitting the muscle could be adjustments, but after a reline, it shouldn't have the other problems right? Not to mention, that the reline doesn't affect the metal that goes across the roof of my mouth. Shouldn't that be flush? I am so frustrated and I don't have another 1500 to have another done, and they have already been paid by insurance. Am I just being paranoid and all this sounds normal, or is it possible that it was made incorrectly in the first place? Please help.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - September - 2011, at 04:12 AM

  • If the denture is rocking, then it can be there if the impression is not taken properly or if the adaptation of the denture is not correct. Relining of the denture is done when the denture becomes loose. Immediately after tooth extraction, there is more of bone resorption which results in loosening of the denture and then relining is required for it. If the denture is rocking from the very beginning, then there might be some problems with the denture.  You can talk to your dentist about it. There should be no space between metal and the roof of the mouth and denture should not be hitting the jaw muscles. Your dentist may correct it with minor adjustments or selective grinding. Without clinical examination, it is difficult to tell whether the dentures are fine or not. You can discuss your problem with your dentist. You can take a second opinion of some other dentist if you want.  For more info on types of dentures, you can refer to the following article… http://www.identalhub.com/article_various-types-of-dentures-170.aspx

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