I have my braces for almost 2 years. i have to put them on for 3 years, but as i m going to marry over 2 months i want to take them off. Is it possible to let them take it off and put it again after 1 or 2 weeks? will i have to put in for another 3 years or just the remaining 1 year?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 16 - January - 2012, at 01:26 AM

  • Time for which dental braces are given depends on age of the patient and amount of misalignment which is present. You can talk to your orthodontist to know that whether it is possible  to get dental braces removed and refixed in your case. After braces removal, try to get them refixed asap.  Removing braces before stipulated time and refixing them can increase duration of treatment but you don’t have to wear them again for 3 years. Treatment duration might be increased to few months. You can discuss with your orthodontist about option of braces removal and refixing them again after some time. For more info on how do dental braces work, refer to…..   http://www.identalhub.com/article_how-do-braces-work-419.aspx

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