last dentist visit was June, 2005. had 9 cavities. my wisdom teeth are coming in, both top almost 1/2 way done. but none on the bottom but im in Terrible terrible pain, the back tooth on my left side has a giant hole in it, the filling in front of that one is totally decayed on the out side. the tooth right above that one (top row) is rotted. i need help, this morning it hurts worse then ever.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 21 - June - 2011, at 08:29 AM

  • Nothing is coming in xray on right side, may be you have some gum infection. So you can discuss this option with your dentist. It is difficult to comment without clinical exam and xrays but still it can be wisdom tooth problem as you have written about gap around the back of wisdom tooth. If the wisdom tooth is really causing problem then you can get the wisdom tooth pulled.

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer 20 - June - 2011, at 06:13 AM

  • Have suffered with servere to mild pain from my lower back teeth leading to burning ear. Dentist said may be due to infection around a gap at my bottom back wisdom tooth and prescribed a gel. Within 2 weeks had chipped a filling at the left back bottom tooth, which upon attempt to replace resulted in a root filling as it had cracked internally and leaked prescribed Amoxicillan. Within 3 days of being fixed, developed severe pain on left side again burning to ear and a feeling of an attachment under the tooth infront of my wisdom tooth on the right side - then the new left side root filling chipped and 2 days later the pain eased but still have discomfort and odd feelings plus another tooth is chipped now at the front and my gums are swollen at both bottom left & right back cheeks. I believe the problem is the right side but every time I go to my dentist something has materialised on the left and it is attended to first. Although my Dentist is great & has taken x-rays of the right side but can't see anything wrong but mad as it sounds I know something wrong - can you advise as I go again in 1 wk (4 time in 6 weeks) can't take much more time of work - I'm fed up about to give and just suffer the problems if not discovered this time. Sorry for the ramble but need some advice as I don't want to appear nuts to my dentist.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - April - 2011, at 11:04 AM

  • You really have to schedule a visit to dentist as you have lot of problems. It looks like you have infected teeth and you first need the medication for infected teeth. The wisdom teeth which are halfway and the lower one which have not erupted needs xrays to find out whether enough space is there in jaw for their eruption or not. If  they are impacted then they also need extraction. So schedule a visit to dentist who after taking xrays and clinical exam will give you detailed treatment plan and give you medication for pain and antibiotics for infection. For more info on dental pain you can read this article...

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