I'm 23 years old and almost two years ago I was badly injured in a wreck and I have been on pain medicine ever since. For six months I had an infection and I became so ill that I was near death and wasn't aware of my own needs. (my husband would remind me to eat) During that time my teeth along with other things was neglected. Recently I noticed that my gum line had started receding and soon after my teeth began chipping off at the gum line. I was recently told that my father suffers from the same problem and had his teeth pulled. I have no visible signs of cavities. What is happening to my teeth? Is there a name for it? What scan be done?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - November - 2011, at 00:17 AM

  • When the gums start receding and exposure of root occurs, then that condition is called as gum recession. It can occur because of plaque and calculus deposits around the teeth or can occur because of periodontal problems, faulty tooth brushing present, clenching or grinding of teeth or traumatic bite present. Since you neglected your oral health after injury, it could lead to deposits around teeth, periodontal problems and recession of gums. After recession of gums, chipping of tooth can occur because of cervical dental caries present. Abrasive tooth paste use and forceful tooth brushing can lead to abrasion of teeth and tooth wear from cervical portion of the roots. You need to get treatment done for receding gums. Recession of gums is not something which is heredity. You can get the cervical portion of the tooth which is chipped off filled with composite filling material which is tooth colored filling material. If recession of gums is moderate to severe, then periodontal bone graft surgery is done to correct it. If much of tooth structure is chipped off from cervical portion of the tooth, then tooth extraction may also be required. Get treatment done for it before the condition of teeth deteriorates further. By the time, you visit your dentist; you can use a desensitizing tooth paste to reduce the sensitivity which is there because of gum recession. Brush and floss regularly to avoid any deposits around the teeth and if you are in habit of forceful brushing, then stop it.  For more info on gum recession, refer to….  http://www.identalhub.com/article_treatment-and-causes-of-gum-recession-887.aspx

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