I have a cavity IN TOOTH #1 (wisdom tooth)and my dentist said that he's going to be doing a silver filling since the tooth is in the back and that's what they usually use.Yesterday was my appoinment and I did it,but after that I regreted that I had the silver filling & not the composite filling. So my question is: was it necessary to do a silver filling since the tooth was way in the back?

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  • David Lee

    David Lee 30 - October - 2010, at 03:29 AM

  • The amount of mercury in amalgam will do absolutely nothing to you. Composite fillings are more pleasing to the eye but they only last about 3 years before you have to have them replaced. Also, they are more expensive. So you can either have the amalgam and save money or get composites and keep giving money to your dentist.

  • Robin Schwaberstky

    Robin Schwaberstky 27 - October - 2010, at 23:20 PM

  • Amalgam fillings are safe. If a dentist wants to switch them for composite resins, and there is no problems or recurrent decay, don't do it! Everytime you replace a filling, more of your natural tooth needs to be drilled away to clean out the space for the new filling to secure to.But still I wouldn't worry about the amount of Amalgam restorations are durable and last much longer than Composites

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - October - 2010, at 10:21 AM

  • In the back tooth as the isolation is a problem so the dentist prefer to do the silver filling The siiver filing is also easy to manipulate as compared to composite filling and is not very technique senstive. The back tooth is not also visible so it hardly matters which type of filling is done. For more info on dental fllings you can visit the following link....www.identalhub.com/article_deciding-right-filling-material-34.aspx

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