To give you a little background...I am a attractive, stylish, young 54 yr old female, who was blessed with poor teeth quality. I have had an upper denture since the age of 22 which I had for 24 years, as it remained in good shape, excellent dentist and lab!! Second denture I had for appr. 8 years by my current dentist. I just received 3rd upper denture 5 months ago and am very disappointed with it thus far. From the beginning, I had a distinct 'lisp' and after a few weeks and no better speech, my dentist filled in a little on the bottom of the denture, which did eliminate the lisp. However, since this buildup of the pinkish material he used, it feels as if my tongue is not laying naturally and when my mouth is completely shut, it does not feel my teeth are not touching and closed all of they way. Then last night, to my horror, the top right tooth just fell out!!! I just arrived home from my dentist and he has sent my denture along with the tooth back to the lab to have tooth repaired/replaced, whatever. I asked him if he or the lab would consider "replacing" the denture "starting over" per say. It seems to me that having this denture only 5 could this happen?? I have felt very comfortable with my 2 previous dentures and never with this one. His response to me is that the lab would not go along with replacing the denture. The tooth was actually broke off and a very small portion of it remained at the top. He said the only way this could happen is if I would have taken a sledge hammer to it and even at that the teeth are near impossible to break. He then suggested that I may grind or grit my teeth during my sleep, which could have caused this. I am so upset. I think at times during my life, I have slightly clinched my teeth, maybe upon awaking from a bad dream.?? I don't have a problem with this sort of behavior. He strongly suggested that is what happened. If so, I have never had it happen in all these past years with my other dentures. My portion of the cost of this denture was appr. $900. To pay this kind of money to have a less than perfect denture, just doesn't set right with me. So 5 months into it, my new denture has caused me nothing but problems. questions to you are: Does this sound like a logical explanation as to why the tooth broke? Should I graciously accept his explanation? Am I out of line for suggesting a new denture at no cost to me? I thank you so much for any advice you may offer!!! Susan

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 22 - November - 2011, at 01:52 AM

  • With your third denture, you felt that your mouth is not closed in a comfortable position and your tongue is not resting properly which can be there if jaw relations were not done properly. The occlusion of the denture with teeth may not be correct which could have lead to grinding of teeth and can lead to fall of tooth. If denture is not fabricated properly or eating something very hard can also lead to fall of tooth from the denture. It always takes some time to adjust with a new denture. You wore your earlier dentures for quite a long time which could have lead to difficulty in adjusting in new denture. You can try adjusting with your new denture and if you still feel that the occlusion is not correct and it is causing any kind of jaw pain and is uncomfortable, then you can visit your dentist. He may not be able to repair the denture but may fabricate a new denture for you. For more info on complications with complete dentures, refer to…

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