I am 30 years old,i have a missing teeth and most my teeth especially the front teeth are thinning down in the upper surface area of the teeth and it is clearly visible.I found that it is called grinding or clenching of teeth in a website where a picture of teeth same case as mine is displayed.Also one of my right wisdom teeth started shaking and then the gum in that area started to swell, I visited a dentist and then he gave me some medicine and it was thighten.But it is not completely thightened and it shaking a little bit and i can't chew hard things.My question first is what is the best and natural way to fixed my loose teeth.Secondly is there any treatment that i can hide my front grind and clenched teeth in a natural way.Lastly,is there any way that i could save my wisdom teeth and make it thigtened like normal teeth so that i could chew things freely.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - October - 2011, at 23:55 PM

  • Thinning down of the enamel in relation to the front teeth can be because of tooth wear due to intake of more of sodas or carbonated drinks, gastric contents regurgitation or can be because of grinding or clenching of teeth. If thinning of enamel of teeth is because of clenching or grinding of teeth, then you firstly need to stop it. Clenching of teeth is known as bruxism. It can occur because of stress or anxiety or can occur because of traumatic occlusion or can be because of missing teeth in the dental arch. If it is because of stress, then you need to reduce your stress levels. If it is because of traumatic bite, then bite needs to be corrected.  Missing teeth can also cause clenching or grinding of teeth. Missing teeth causes occlusal disturbances and clenching of teeth. You need to get your missing teeth replaced to correct it. You can get your missing teeth replaced with either dental implants or dental bridges. To prevent clenching and grinding of teeth, Mouth guards can be given to the patient to relax the jaw muscles. You need to get proper treatment done for it.  If only small amount of tooth wear has taken place, then fluoride application can be done to remineralize the enamel. If there is much of loss of enamel, then you can get dental lumineers, veneers or dental crowns depending on the amount of enamel lost to hide the grinded teeth. If there is sensitivity present because of tooth wear, then you can use some desensitizing tooth paste to overcome teeth sensitivity. Your loose teeth can be because of gum infection in relation to teeth or can be because of some trauma to the teeth. If teeth are loose because of gum problem, then brush and floss regularly to remove food accumulates around teeth. Dental cleaning will make teeth firm if teeth are loose due to gum infection. Splinting that is attachment of loose tooth with firm tooth can be done to stabilize loose tooth. Dental capping may also be done to secure the loose tooth. If teeth are very loose, then tooth extraction may also be required for it. Wisdom teeth don’t aid in mastication and no treatment is required for them. They are the last teeth to erupt and are more susceptible to infections because it is difficult to clean till the wisdom tooth. You can get your wisdom tooth pulled out. If you don’t want to pull it and it is slightly loose, then you can make it firm by getting dental cleaning there or getting splints for wisdom tooth. For more info on remedies for loose tooth, you can refer to…  http://www.identalhub.com/dental-remedies-for-loose-tooth-524.aspx

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