Hi there, About 6 months ago I had root canal treatment done to my front left tooth. I tried to tell my dentist that I was still experiencing sensitivity to the tooth and that it didn't feel right (I've had two root canals before, one on the right front tooth and the one directly beside it so I know what feels right and wrong) and asked her not to close it up and have one more clean out of the root canal but she insisted it would settle down. I am traveling south east asia at the moment and my tooth has been sensitive and causing slight discomfort so I made a trip to a great dentist in phnom penh Cambodia and was given an examination and xray (for under $20 AUD I might add) and told I still have a minor infection at the tip of the root as my dentist in Australia has missed a couple of mm's of my nerve. What do I do about this do I have my root canal redone and then place a crown or?? I'm really annoyed at my Australian dentist and don't think it's fair that I should have to pay again considering I told her on 3 separate occasions that something wasn't right. I've starting taking amoxicillin 500mg 3 x a day to try and fix the current infection until I return to australia, will that help?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - October - 2011, at 23:15 PM

  • Pain, sensitivity and discomfort occur after root canal treatment if the infection is still left in the root canal treated tooth. To remove the infection from the tooth, you have to go for re-root canal procedure or you can get apicoectomy done to remove the infection. Without re-root canal treatment, sensitivity and pain will not regress. After root canal treatment, the tooth becomes brittle so you have to get dental crown on root canal treated tooth. You can take antibiotics to reduce the infection in the canals and after reaching Australia, you can get root canal re-treatment done. Take antibiotics after consulting your dentist only. Avoid eating from the side of root canal treated tooth and maintain good oral hygiene to avoid any food accumulates around the root canal treated tooth which can cause gum swelling. For more info on re-root canal treatment, refer to….  http://www.identalhub.com/article_root-canal-re-treatment-304.aspx

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