Dear Sir, I had root canal treatment done on both side lower molar teeth,about 11 months ago, but after 6 mnths, i started pain on both sides where i had my treatment done after few weeks which lead to big swelling,As i was not in my country could not show it to my doctor,but shown it @antwerp and according to him I suffered from APICAL PERIODONTITIS,can u tell me why does it happened,was it due to insufficient treatment.But on consulting my original doctor he said there is no reason for it to happen, but he said will have to remove the cap first , then drain the puss and then remove the teeth and start it again.Please Advice what to do?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 14 - December - 2011, at 04:25 AM

  • Apical periodontitis can occur because of inflammation of periradicular tissues. It can occur because of infection still left in root canal treated tooth. If a canal is missed during root canal treatment or cleaning or shaping of canals is not done properly or because of poor access cavity design, overinstrumentation or leaking restoration, apical periodontitis can occur. If there are accessory canals present or there are small anastomoses present, then also root canal failure can take place. Apical periodontitis causes pain and swelling. If infection is still left in root canal treated tooth, then root canal re-treatment is done. Your dentist will remove the dental crown and will perform re-root canal to save the tooth and to remove the infection. If prognosis of tooth is poor, then surgical endodontic therapy or tooth extraction will be required. By the time, you get the treatment done; you can avoid eating from affected teeth. For more info on complications after root canal treatment, refer to….

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