Hello- I am 42 years old and on disability, so I don't have "extra" money to spend at the dentist's office. To begin with, I have a rare "jaw" condition that prohibits me from being able to open my mouth more than an inch or less (measured from bottom of the top teeth and the top of the bottom teeth). Keeping it open for anything longer than 20-30 seconds gets real painful, so you can imagine what a visit to the dentist's office does to me! Anyway, I've had some recent discomfort in the bottom left portion of my mouth, behind the last bottom molar, but on the inside of the gum, where the side of my tongue meets the gum. I can feel this protrusion with my tongue. When I looked in the mirror, I found what looks like a wisdom tooth pushing through the gum. So far, the amount of "tooth" exposed is about the size of an average head of a nail. Is it probable that this is a wisdom tooth at 42 years of age? My other wisdom teeth came in when I was in my thirties, but I thought that I was finished with them! I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you might have about this. Thanks!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - December - 2011, at 02:50 AM

  • Wisdom teeth usually erupt in late teens but in some individuals, it can even erupt at age of 30-40 years. Erupting wisdom teeth can cause some swelling of the gums and mild soreness. If there is not enough space for wisdom teeth to erupt, then wisdom teeth becomes impacted and causes pain which may also be radiating to head and causes swelling of the jaws and gums. If wisdom teeth are impacted or are infected or are poking the soft tissues, then they are pulled out. Wisdom teeth don’t aid in mastication and are susceptible to infections so they are pulled out mostly. If they are straight and don’t cause any problem, then you can even keep your wisdom teeth. Make sure to clean till the wisdom teeth to avoid any infections in wisdom teeth. You can visit a dentist for evaluation. Dentist will take an x-ray to see the positioning of wisdom teeth and will decide whether extraction of wisdom teeth is required or not. By the time you visit your dentist, you can do warm saline rinses to reduce the swelling around the gums and keep the erupting wisdom tooth area clean. Food accumulates in relation to erupting wisdom teeth will aggravate the pain. If you don’t have much money, then you can visit dental school for treatment or can look for free dental clinic near your place. For more info on wisdom teeth, refer to…   http://www.identalhub.com/dental-frequently-asked-questions-about-wisdom-teeth-920.aspx

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