I went for a regular check up and cleaning one month ago. Now my gums have started itching a bit. Should I change my toothbrush to a softer brush or change my toothpaste to a sensative toothpaste?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 22 - October - 2011, at 02:08 AM

  • Itchy gums can be there because of gum infection, some allergies because of some tooth paste or mouth wash, can be because of certain medicaments or injury to the mouth. If you are in the habit of clenching your teeth, then it can also lead to itching of the gums. If itching of gums is due to some allergy to the tooth paste, then you can change your tooth paste and if it is because of mouth wash, then change your mouth wash. If it is because of grinding of teeth, then you need to stop it.  If itching of gums is due to some injury of gums, then it will go in some time. Treatment of itchy gums is usually treating the condition which causes it. Itching of gums can also occur because of poor oral hygiene. If it is because of poor oral hygiene, then maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly.  Brush is to be changed after every 3 months. If you got any fever or viral infection or cold sore, canker sore lately, then it suggests that it is the time to change the tooth brush. You can get a medium bristle tooth brush.  If gum itching persists even on changing tooth paste or mouth wash, then consult your dentist. If you feel sensitivity in teeth, then start using a desensitizing tooth paste. For some relief, you can do warm saline rinses 3-4 times a day. For more info on good oral hygiene, you can refer to following article…  http://www.identalhub.com/article_good-oral-hygiene-231.aspx

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