i have had some bad molars in my mouth for some years now. About a week ago I noticed my heartbeat has become very irregular, and have been dizzy when standing. I have been reading some things about blood infections and I feel that I have some of these symptoms. Would it be best for me to go to the hospital or to the dentist, I am not sure, any opinions would help.

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  • Tony

    Tony 22 - November - 2011, at 11:24 AM

  • Doctor, I do appreciate very much Your interest in matter; I will follow Your suggestions and I'll wait that things will get better; I hope that the root canal procedure was successful and that no bad surprises will arise in the future (last year I went to other Dentist and after some x-rays taken in the same area, He told me that everything was fine: an year later the whole thing came up at once with terrible pain and in a matter of a couple of days); Doctor, a Happy Thanksgiving to You, and looking forward to feeling O. K.; Best Regards, Sincerely, Tony

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 21 - November - 2011, at 22:42 PM

  • Tony, Your dentist is right. By root canal treatment, source of infection is removed and the infection which has spread to the bone and ligament will also regress completely in some time. Sensitivity which is there because of minor tapping and slight tenderness will be fine in some time. Gastric problems can be because of intake of antibiotics which will get better in some time. Maintain good oral hygiene. There should be no food accumulates in relation to root canal treated tooth which can lead to gum infections. As of now, you can wait for some sensitivity and tenderness which is there to regress and if it gets fine, then you can get permanent dental crown prepared next week.

  • Tony

    Tony 21 - November - 2011, at 12:21 PM

  • Doctor, Thanks again for Your support: I read and I have in mind Your last message carefully as well as the previous ones; I completed an -all 27 day antibiotic treatment with -Augmentin- (a total of 20 days, two pills a day for the first 10 days, then, for the other 10 days - three times a day - 875 mg./pills) and finally a total of seven days with -Clindamicyn- -three times/day - 300 mg./pills (an all treatment starting since Oct.-19th); the Doctor sayed that, as the tooth has been treated with root canal, the -source- of infection is gone, therefore the infection that spreaded out will regress by itself too: I hope that I don't need anymore antibiotics at this point because of the side effects that I am still dealing with (stomach/intestinal problems, some rashes, weakness, etc.); I am dealing also with a fastidious - slight 'temperature of about 99.4 F. that goes up and down: I don't know if it's because of the -Clindacimyn- or because of the infection (I didn't have any temperature situation prior to taking these antibiotics!); meanwhile, the sensitivity by gently tapping with a spoon on the treated molar is still there, and a sensitivity to cold is present as well but is not that bad, it's acceptable: the root canal treatment has been completed on the 2nd of this current month! The Doctor postponed the permanent crown work for next week; I hope that the tooth sensitivity/tenderness is gone by then, as well as all the antibiotics - side effects, and the temperature too; Doctor, looking forward again to hearing Your opinion on all of this; Best Regards Sincerely, Tony

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 20 - November - 2011, at 23:18 PM

  • Tony, If infection before root canal treatment is very severe and has spread to bone and ligament, then it takes 2-3 weeks for tooth to heal completely. Pulsating feeling can be because of infection in the bone which will regress by intake of antibiotics. With root canal treatment, infection in the tooth is removed and after that, antibiotics can reduce and eliminate the infection in the bone. You can take the antibiotics as prescribed to you. You can get permanent dental crown made if there is no problem.

  • Tony

    Tony 19 - November - 2011, at 11:32 AM

  • Doctor, Thank You for Your support; I'll be waiting for the Dentist's visit, hoping that everything will turn out to be O. K.; there is one thing that I forgot to tell: when I'm in bed, I still feel a -pulsating- sensation on the left side of my jaw only when I lean my head on the pillow (on the left side though), but I don't feel pain anymore: could it be that I still have some infection left? The Doctor showed me the latest x-ray 18 days ago (right after the completion of the root canal), and He pointed me out a dark area (abscessed area, not too big though) underneath and to the side but detached from the bottom of the treated molar: could this be the cause of the -pulsation- feeling that I am still having? (BTW: the Dentist felt confident anyway to having the permanent crown set and, as I mentioned, the appointment for the permanent crown is set for this incoming week); Regards, and looking forward to hearing Your opinion again, Sincerely, Tony

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