I had pain in tooth. Went to General dentist, he found no decay, abscess, breaks. Gave me antibiotics and sent me on way. Well i was still in pain 2mo later so i went back in and had root canal even tho he said i didn't need 1. Pain was still there a few mo later so he referred to endo. Endo did root canal 6 weeks ago. Pain went away for about 2 weeks but now have same initial pain in tooth and ear. Pain subsides a bit with ibuprofin or aleve but just temporarily. Endo says that tooth is 100% healthy and that pain is not coming from that tooth, although i can tap on it and it's ONLY that tooth that hurts, so my body is telling me otherwise. So endo has now referred me to a oral spec, thinks it may be related to nerves, joints, tmj... Should i 1st get full mouth xrays to see if it may be another tooth? I'm at a loss and can't function with the constant pain? Please help!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - March - 2011, at 19:51 PM

  • If there  was no decay and no infection then why the root canal treatment was done. Any way you got the root canal treatment and even then you have the pain. So first get full mouth xray done to find out whether any other tooth is infected or decayed or whethe the wisdom teeth are in place. Sometimes unexplained pain is due to erupting or impacted wisdom teeth also. If everything is clear then you can go to oral surgeon. Sometimes the pain can also be due to some nerve compression which is called as neuralgia but it is intermittent pain and quite acute and has trigger zones also but if it is due to TMJ then normally the pain is around joint area. You have to find out if you are in habbit of grinding the teeth at night or not. Sometimes night grinders also have unexplained pain because of wearing of some teeth. You have to discuss all these options with your dentist and treatment can only be started after diagnosis. For more info on dental pain you can read ths article.... www.identalhub.com/dental-knowing-all-about-dental-pain--539.aspx

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