A month or two ago i got two fillings done on the same side of my mouth. Ever since i got the fillings done I have consistently experienced pain when eating/drinking anything hot or cold on that side of my mouth. Furthermore the teeth that were filled will occasionally just hurt (i can't tell if touching them sets this off, or if they just randomly ache. The hot/cold thing is more consistent though). Sometimes the pain isn't much, but sometimes it's bad. Two weeks ago i went back to the same dentist and had him take a look. He took an x-ray and said he saw no new infection. He guessed that one tooth was poking into the filling and filed the filling down a little bit (makes no sense, how does that explain the sensativity to hot/cold?), and told me to switch to a tooth paste for sensative teeth and said i should feel better after a few days (makes no sense for a problem caused by fillings). If anything it has gotten worse. (although i know nothing about dentistry) his diagnosis seems way off. My teeth still hurt, but i dont believe that tooth paste for sensative teeth would help a problem that was caused by fillings, not by long term neglect of my teeth. These teeth are sensative because of the fillings (thats when the pain started, when i got the fillings) or maybe because the fillings didnt do enough, not because of a worn down enamel. So based on the information I've provided what could be wrong with my mouth, and what might need to be done (root canal? pull the filling out and re-do it? none of the above?)?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - March - 2010, at 20:05 PM

  • There are different cause of senstivity after the filling. First of all if the cavity was deep then after filling the senstivity can be  there  In that case you have to get the root canal treatment done.But if the cavity is not deep and there was no senstivity before getting the filling ,then may be it is because of faulty filling. Some times after the composite filling the sestivity is there. In that case the filling is removed and new filling is done. That takes care of the senstivity. So your dentist can decide whether you have to go for the root canal treatment or the refiling. But from your symptoms it looks like you have to go for the root canal treatment as the condition is becoming worse. The X-ray and other diagnostic aids will decide whether you need root canal treatment in both the teeth or just the one tooth. if you want to know more about the root canal treatment you can visit the following link on our website....http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-root-canal-therapy-17.aspx

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