Dear Sir/Madam I am 44 yrs old, my 3rd lower jaw tooth decayed one year ago and I had silver filling (Amalgam). Decay started from inner side of the tooth i.e. between 4th and 3rd tooth and came towards the centre of 3rd tooth. This is my first tooth decay and filling. Now I am thinking of taking out this Amalgam filling and go for white composite filling due to the reason Amalgam filling can be harmful to heart and brain (I read somewhere on the internet). I have few questions about this. I will be grateful to your answers. It gives me peace of mind. Now I am going through very stressful time. 1. Is amalgam filling harmful to heart and brain in the long run. 2. In taking out the amalgam filling and putting white composite filling – do I further loose part of the tooth in this process (i.e. grinding before filling). i.e. Is it a further tooth damaging process or easy and simple process? Or alternatively is it a good idea going for taking out only upper layer of the previous amalgam filling and seal with white composite (I prefer this). By doing this, does it prevent leaching of Amalgam (if any) and going into my body in the long run. 3. At this 3rd tooth where amalgam filling is done, sometimes I get very very little pain or discomfort (this happens only when I am very tired, stressful and had very less sleep during night – 4 hours). Is it normal or is it decaying further. 4. Between the decayed - filled 3rd lower jaw tooth and 4th good tooth there is a 1 to 2mm gap (Now after filling). At the top it is 1mm gap and as we go down it becomes 2mm gap at the base. There was a bigger gap before filling a year ego. The problem now is food goes into this gap and I need to clean every time I eat. Can I go for complete filling of this gap with composite. Is it OK to do. Does it cause any infection or decay. 5. Does going for x-ray of all of my teeth is advisable considering my age, just to check any near future possibilities of decays. (I get slight pain with cold water on some teeth). Which one best to get a clear picture (X-ray, Dental imaging or 3D x-ray). Are 3D x-rays and Dental imaging safe to go for (e.g. Cancers etc) Thank you for your help. Reddy

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - July - 2010, at 19:52 PM

  • Amalgam filings are quite old age filings and one filling is not going to have effect on the brain and the heart . There are two schol of thougt one says that the mercury used in silver fillng is harmful but when it forms amalgam with the silver and the filling sets it does not harm. If your filling is old and marginal leakage is there and as yhave mentioned that there is a gap between the two teeth then definitely you should go for the change . The latest and the best material is composite.Now whether more tooth structure has to cut or not depends upon whether secondary caries are there or not. The dentist has to remove the decayed part before doing the filling. As you are feeling slight pain and discomfort then you should go for the X-ray before going for the change of filing. It may be quite deep. As per X-ray's for routine dental checkups pano is recommended and it is quoite safe. For more info on safety with amalgams you can visit the following link on our website.......

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