Dear Dr. Ritz Thank you very much for your help in answering my question 2 days ago on a dental problem. Your answer is of great help to me. I am grateful to you. I had trouble in finding a good dentist. Your answer helped me. I would like to ask a question about my children. One child who is 3 years old had little decay spots (6 places) on front 4 upper teeth and had composite fillings a year ago. Now she lost some of the fillings. We saw another dentist. This dentist filled GIC for all the 4 teeth. Is GIC safe to use in children. Any side effects? Release of flouride from GIC has any health risks? How long GIC stays. The older child (6 Years) needs a filling in one of the Jaw teeth. Can he go for GIC or is composite better. Thanks for your help Reddy

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 23 - July - 2010, at 20:20 PM

  • GIC is quite safe for the children. It is easy to use in children as the procedure is short and moresoover isolation is not much needed so it is preferred to use GIC filling in case of children. But how long it will stay depends upon the type of filling ,extent of the filling. It has good strength and stays for an year or so but in between you should take your child for regular check ups. Incase of 6 year old child the type of filling depends upon which tooth has to be filled. If it is adult tooth like six year molar then you have to go for composite other wise GIC will do . For more info on type of filling you can visit the following link on our website.....



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