Ever since I started using the sonicare toothbrush my teeth have been chipping, my fillings have been breaking off, I am tired all the time, and I have gained 15 pounds. Could the sonic waves be ruining the integrity/structure of my teeth & fillings and could it interfere with the functioning of my thyroid?

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  • Jim

    Jim 11 - February - 2013, at 11:21 AM

  • I got a sonic toothbrush a few months ago, and just got my 2nd chipped tooth since I started using it. I blame the brushes hitting against my teeth. I'm going back to manual.

  • joyful

    joyful 19 - January - 2013, at 15:35 PM

  • Yes it can chip teeth when the hard edge of the SonicCare device holding the brushes hit the teeth. Chipped mine 2 times when cleaning the back side of teeth. Just had my front tooth repaired because of it.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - July - 2012, at 23:43 PM

  • Miss B it seems like ur using the brush too vigorously on ur teeth for cleaning and that is causing chipping of ur teeth.You need to make sure that the sonic toothbrush needs to be used like a normal manual brush and very gently.But if u feel that ur more comfortable with manual brush and it is helping u in maintaining adequate oral health then u can go for it. Tooth can get chipped off because of trauma to the tooth or because of chewing on something very hard. If tooth is chipped off, then you need to get it restored.For the chippings u can get ur teeth restored, if there are small chippings then u can go for tooth coloured filling like composite and if it is a large portion of tooth chipped off then go for RCT followed by dental crown.

  • Miss B

    Miss B 17 - July - 2012, at 11:56 AM

  • I also have noticed tooth chippings since I began using the Sonicare toothbrush. I have followed all the instructions for use entirely as described. I do think the product gives me a cleaner feeling than a normal brush, but now I am left with permanent damage to my teeth. My dentist has also advisedly to give up the product as he is seeing this happen more and more as people adopt (buy into) the Sonicare system. I suppose there is nothing wrong with buying a good old fashioned $3-10 toothbrush. 

  • BR

    BR 14 - June - 2012, at 09:24 AM

  • It is time Sonicare paid attention to all of these complaints. These may be legit. I am having problems as well with shattering of teeth within two bridges - this is serious.

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