I had braces for about 5 months now and my teeth have now started moving and due the the moving of my top four front teeth I have found it hard to reach some places and clean it properly. Now my gums at back teeth are red and they do bleed when I brush my teeth. I went to the my Orthodontist about 3 weeks ago and she said everything was fine. I only brush ones daily, could this be the problem? As I know you're supposed to brush twice daily.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 09 - July - 2011, at 22:20 PM

  • When you have the use of braces in your teeth to ensure that they are aligned in one straight line, what you also need to be extremely careful about is any kind of infection setting in. This can be quite easy as a lot of metal and pins in the mouth can make it difficult to reach every nook and crevice that could be the breathing grounds for infection and bacteria.

    Therefore, what you need is to ensure that you have the best of tooth brush and tooth paste that is recommended by the dentist. You certainly can’t be lax in your dental hygiene and especially when you have braces on. The worst thing about Braces and Infection is that if you don’t take care of it right away then it can become a major concern and spread to the other adjacent teeth as well. This in turn can go on to affect your gums and the placement of the braces. Now all of this can be extremely detrimental to the braces treatment. Now, you have spent so much time and money on the treatment, you certainly don’t want infection to ruin it.

    The first thing to ensure is that you brush and floss your teeth with the kind of vengeance that is not to be seen before the braces. The use of Braces and Infection can also be severe as the untreated infection can go on to form cyst formations around the affected tooth. The formation of a cyst is the end of the tooth and will have to be removed.

    Another way for you to make certain that you don’t have infection harboring in your teeth especially with the braces on is to not have sugar laden stuff that can be really harmful for your teeth and more so with braces on. Every time that you eat something, a good idea is to go ahead and gargle and rinse your mouth if you can ‘t brush your teeth.

    When you have braces on one thing that you can’t compromise on is the proper cleaning routine that you follow. This is going to be one of the best of ways to ensure that you are able to prevent infection. Also, you won’t have to be scared of getting any infection if you brush and clean your braces well enough especially after every meal. This will keep cavities and gum disease at bay.

    Nowadays, dentists are aware of Braces and Infection and therefore they go on to use less invasive techniques for braces. Also, they ensure that the least amount of metal and hardware is used in the mouth and make sure that the patient perfectly understands the way they have to brush and floss and the products that they need to use. Braces and Infection need not go together if you are sure of the hygiene routine that you follow and clean stringently around the braces. For more info on how keep good oral hygiene with braces you can read this article.... http://www.identalhub.com/dental-care-of-teeth-with-braces-568.aspx

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