I am really tired of trying to clean my braces. Is there any simple way that I can clean my braces? Is it really important to regularly clean them or can I skip a day or two, because it is really getting difficult for me? Pls suggest.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - November - 2010, at 06:27 AM

  • Cleanliness was positioned as being next to godliness, such is the common mantra from my Mum, who always want her boys to be clean, trust me, like other boys, I have never been used to washing just anything! And for all the blights of school days, I personally remember the silly-scape-goat punishment meted out on me again and again during almost all my attendance at the Home Economics class, back in High school or what is referred to in my country as secondary school for keeping dirty fingers and long nails. Truly, in the words of my Mum “I just didn’t know how else to be clean but I know how else to be dirty”

    Just like me, I know there are other people, who may not take to cleanliness with such high interest; but if anything will stop me from eating, I would rather stop such things before they stop me from eating. Not cleaning your braces can actually stop you from eating, so if I were you, I would really consider how to keep braces clean, with these important steps.
    • Plaques are formed from food intake, more seriously they are trapped in the hollows and conjunctions of braces, thereby fostering growth of harmful decomposing bacteria which will decompose the plaques, and also decay varyingly the tooth gum to an extent of causing inflammation in the mouth upon the serious dental pain associated to such conditions. To prevent such situations, a very high personal hygiene must be followed by brushing the teeth mostly before bedtime (which is a good time for plaque development). 
    • The use of dental floss upon consumption of hideous food substances such as meat, fruits (oranges, pineapple, etc) and the like can truly save you the mouth ache and failures of braces. 
    • Oral rinses with solutions that are proven to be safe with braces are a good way to eradicate plagues and keep good mouth hygiene. When using braces, you must be careful about the cleanliness of the mouth, as it is the first level of your safety.  

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