i am a 20 year old guy my upper front teeth are a bit outside and a small gap has also got induced in between them which was very minute previously but has increased to get noticed.as i consulted a dentist he suggested me to go for braces but for braces my 4 teeth have to be removed.does removing teeth create problem ?

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  • rose

    rose 17 - September - 2010, at 01:51 AM

  • The tooth you are mentioning is 2nd molar and its a very important tooth for mastication, getting it pulled out will lead to loss of occlusal balance and this might lead to supreruption of lower 2nd molar. In short the whole jaw equilibrium will get imbalance. I suggest you to go for root canal treatment and get a porcelain or a metal cap on that .

  • Rachel Mery

    Rachel Mery 16 - September - 2010, at 23:25 PM

  • My last top left tooth after my wisdom teeth got pulled has a severe cavity and needs a root canal. My dentist mentioned getting it pulled, only because its alot cheaper though she did not recommend it. WHEN I went to the dentist and made the apt for the root canal the tooth had a hole in. Today a fairly large chunk of the tooth broke off, like the whole side against my cheek is exposed. Is this tooth still able to get a root canal on it or does the whole tooth need to be intact? Also, what would you recommend as far as choosing between getting the tooth pulled or a root canal?

  • minsy

    minsy 15 - September - 2010, at 03:00 AM

  • I don't know if wisdom teeth would be pulling your teeth apart,usually it's the opposite. I'm surprised your dentist hasn't said anything,usually they recommend you get them out so the teeth don't shift. Unfortunately you can't really do anything except get braces to get rid of a gap, the only other option is cosmetic bonding. Using a retainer wouldn't work, it takes quite a bit more force to bring teeth together that a retainer doesn't provide, retainers are meant to maintain not to fix. Talk to your dentist and find out your options.

  • Stephen Brandy

    Stephen Brandy 14 - September - 2010, at 22:35 PM

  • My teeth have always been perfect. I have a small gap between my two front teeth. Ever since my bottom wisdom teeth have been coming in the gap is getting bigger and bigger. Is there something i can get so it wont get any bigger. I know people always told me braces or invisalign but what about a retainer. would that work?

  • tim beck

    tim beck 14 - September - 2010, at 02:07 AM

  • If your wisdom teeth doesn't have cavities in them and if you have room for them,I don't see why they would request for you to remove them. I have braces and removed 8 teeth only because of crowding. when you go for your consultation, you should definitely ask this question. if you have a cracked tooth and it's right next to the wisdom, you could probably use that wisdom in place of that tooth so definitely ask for options!

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