I want to permenantly close the gap between my top, front two teeth. I've already had braces and the gap has since reopened. I've been told that I can either do bonding, a filling, or veneers. Since I don't have insurance I want the cheapest option that will look nice and still allow my mouth to function normally for years to come. My gap is about 2mm wide and I and all my teeth and gums are perfectly healthy. How much will my cheapest, best option cost me????

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - November - 2011, at 02:36 AM

  • Gap between front teeth can be because of heredity or can occur because of high frenum attachment. For gap between teeth to close, dental braces or invisaligns can be given. If the gaps have reopened, then you can opt for dental bonding, lumineers, veneers or dental crowns to close the gaps between teeth. Dental bonding is the cheapest option to fill the gaps between teeth and can be used if gap is very small. In dental bonding, composite material is used which is tooth colored, esthetic filling material. Tooth bonding is a quicker procedure and no gap would be visible by this. Tooth bonding is a cheapest option but it may not last that long. It may come out after some time and then the procedure has to be repeated. If the gap between teeth is small, then you can get dental veneers to close the gaps between teeth. It is expensive than tooth bonding but lasts longer. You can get porcelain or composite dental veneers.  Porcelain dental veneers are more expensive than composite veneers.  You can discuss with your dentist about getting dental veneers or bonding to close the gaps between teeth. If gap between teeth is because of high frenum attachment, then frenectomy will also be required. Cost of tooth bonding will be around $100-$300. Cost varies from dentist to dentist, place to place and also varies according to dental condition. Porcelain veneers cost $900-$2500 per tooth and composite veneers cost around $250-$1500. For more info on dealing with gap tooth, refer to….  http://www.identalhub.com/dental-dealing-with-a-gap-tooth-566.aspx

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